Catching Up on April

The month of April seems to have flown by.  I’ve been super busy all month, and haven’t had time to update the blog very often, so here’s a photo dump of some recent wheel builds, events, and rides.

Catching up on December

December has been a crazy busy month!  Not only did we have Christmas traveling and shoping to do, but we moved earlier this month and chores and fixing up the new house has ate almost all of my spare time.  I’ve been turning out the wheels all month but haven’t had time to do...

Now Available: Onyx Racing Hubs

Onyx Racing’s radically different hubs are now available for custom builds from Southern Wheelworks! Onyx hubs are quite a bit different than everything else on the market, thanks to their freehub mechanism.  Instead of using a pair of face gears (ala King and DT Swiss) or pawls and a drive ring (Hope, Shimano, I9,...