Sunday Sunrise Rides

Come join Southern Wheelworks for an early morning ride every Sunday!  Routes vary every week (see below for schedule) and start from the shop.  These are not always your standard group road ride – we’ll mix it up and include some fun stuff to keep things interesting – dirt roads, cobblestones, etc.  The rides start at 6:30am and end around 8:30am.  Starting so early on a Sunday means we have the roads to ourselves (which opens up a lot of routes you can’t ride at other times during the week because of traffic), we’ll get to watch the sun come up, and when we’re done you’ll still have the whole day ahead of you, with enough time to go to church or do any other activities you have planned.

Fast dirt in Jones County.
Fast dirt in Jones County.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Shop will open at 6am.  You can change into your kit there at the shop if you’d like, and a bathroom is available.
  • Ride rolls out at 6:30 SHARP.  In order to be back on time we must start on time, and we will not wait on you.
  • Ride route varies each week, make sure you look at the description and bring an appropriate bike/tires.
  • While these are group rides, and NOT a race, in order to be back on time and off the roads before traffic gets busy we need to finish the ride in about 2 hours.  Some weeks the ride is longer (and therefore faster) than others.  Make sure you can hang.
  • Bright headlight and taillights are required – we are starting the ride in the dark! Make sure the batteries are good and the lights are still bright!
  • Helmets are required.
  • Be self sufficient and carry typical repair tools and supplies (tube, pump/CO2, etc)
  • Check the SWW Facebook Page for cancellations if the weather looks iffy.


July 17th – North Macon 28 – Includes ~4.7 miles of dirt road.

Photo Credit: Dustin V.