Rebuilds And Repairs


Do you have hubs that are in good shape you would like laced up to a new set of rims?  Maybe you’re ready to upgrade to carbon, maybe you’ve worn the brake track too thin to continue riding, maybe you bought a new bike with a different wheelsize, or maybe you folded the old wheel up with a botched landing.  Whatever the reason, I’m happy to build a new rim to your older hubs.


For local customers in the Augusta, GA / Aiken, SC area I am happy to perform repairs on your wheels.  Broke a spoke? Need a wheel trued?  Time for new bearings?  I got you.  For non-locals, shipping wheels isn’t cheap so I’m not the most economical choice. I would encourage you to find someone locally who can help you out, but if there’s no one local you trust with your wheels, and you don’t mind downtime to ship them to me, then lets chat and see what we can work up.


Repair costs are $30/hr + materials, with a minimum of 1hr charge.  Repairs are by appointment only.  Use the contact info to the right (or below if you’re on a mobile device) to get in touch and schedule an appointment.

We can repair it, we have the technology.