Demo Wheels – Carbon Disc Road – Nox and White Industries


Wide and stiff medium depth carbon rims mated to a set of top shelf made in the USA hubs.


HUBS – White Industries CLD
RIMS – Nox Composites A36D
SPOKES – Sapim CX-Ray, 24/24 spoke count
TIRES – Schwalbe One, tubeless, “23mm” (actually measure 26mm)
SKEWERS – Velocity


Disc brake road bikes are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason – disc brakes offer more power and better modulation than rim brakes, and they work equally well with alloy or carbon rims, and are uneffected by wet weather.  The stock wheels on most of these new bikes are pretty lousy however.  This pair of wheels is a step up in every way!  The Nox A36D rims have a big 20.5mm inner width that really opens up the tires, increasing volume and allowing for lower tire pressures for better traction, comfort, and less rolling resistance.  With a 36mm depth they’re more aerodynamic than a shallower alloy rim, but they’re not so deep you’ll get pushed around on windy days.  The offset spoke bed raises the spoke tension on the low-tension side of each wheel – this improves durability.

FullSizeRender (50)

This set has a pair of tubeless Schwalbe Ones installed.  The tires are labeled as 23mm, but on the wide Nox rims they measure a little over 26mm.  The brake rotors are Shimano’s top end RT99s which offer the best heat management of any brake rotor available thanks to the steel/aluminum composite construction and the ‘FreezaFins’ cooling fins. 140mm and 160mm rotors are both available.