Custom Wheels

NOTE::  I’m taking a break from building wheels right now. With a busy day job and a new baby there’s simply not enough hours in the day to do it all.  I’m keeping all my tools and equipment though, and will be building again at some point in the future!


The stock wheels that came on your bike were not chosen because they are a good fit for you. They were chosen by a product manager to make the bike hit a certain price point, and maybe to have a particular look.  Most stock wheels are heavy and made with poor quality components.  Some use very low spoke counts to look like high end wheels, but end up using really heavy rims to compensate for so few spokes.  Many are made with proprietary components that are both expensive and difficult to source.  Most are machine built with uneven spoke tension, resulting in frequent necessary truing and broken spokes.

Serious riders deserve better.

At Southern Wheelworks all wheels are designed specifically for each customer.  Heavy riders need stronger wheels with more spokes.  Some riders want fast engagement hubs to make technical trail riding more fun.  Others want the lowest drag and least noise possible.  You might want a power meter to take your training and riding to the next level, or a dynamo hub to light up your commute to and from work.  I’ll work with you to pick the best components to fit your needs, desires, and budget.

I don’t just build wheels – I build your wheels.

All wheels are built by hand, with attention to the smallest details.  Spoke threads and nipple seats are lubricated.  Spokes are aligned and set into the hub flange.  Spoke tension is even all around the wheel.  Wheels are stress relieved multiple times so no break-in or subsequent truing is required when you get them.  Every wheelset is built with the same care, whether it cost $400 or $2000.

Whether you are riding just for fun and fitness, or riding to work, or racing on the weekends, or taking on the Tour Divide – whatever your needs, I’d love to build you a set of wheels tailored to meet them perfectly.


I charge for the components used in your wheels, and no additional build fee if all parts are purchased through me.  If you provide any of the parts I included a $50/wheel build fee.  Wheelsets start around $400 before shipping and/or tax.


I use only high quality components from reputable brands who produce great products, and stand behind them.  Starting late in 2017 I began selling only American made hubs, and I’ll pair them up to great name brand alloy and carbon rims. Below you’ll find a list of some, not all, of the brands I build with.  If you’re interested in something not on the list, let me know, it may be available.

  • Boyd Cycling
  • Chris King
  • CycleOps (PowerTap)
  • Derby Rims
  • Easton
  • ENVE Composites
  • Hadley Racing
  • HED
  • H Plus Son
  • Industry Nine
  • Kappius
  • Knight Composites
  • Nox Composites
  • Onyx
  • Paul Component Engineering
  • Profile Racing
  • Project 321
  • Sapim
  • Stan’s NoTubes
  • SunRingle
  • Wheelsmith
  • White Industries
  • WTB