Wes is a local road rider, and he’s a big and strong guy.  He brought in some older Bontrager wheels to get trued up, but we discovered a crack in the rim.  The wheel was a light weight low spoke count wheel that lasted a lot longer than I would have suspected.  But for his new wheels I wanted to put him on something tougher and stiffer – something designed just for him.  Stiffer wheels are more fun to ride, even if they are a bit heavier.  We used the excellent Boyd Altamont rims, they’re 30mm deep, wide, stiff, well made, and tubeless ready.  For hubs we used the super reliable and high value DT Swiss 350s.  The Star Ratchet mechanism is the exact same as the one found in the much more expensive 240S hubs, and it’s a great fit for really powerful riders like Wes.  Very few moving parts means there’s less chance of something failing, and the two ratchets engage all of their teeth simultaneously, meaning it can transmit a ton of torque.  A mix of Sapim Laser and Wheelsmith DB14 spokes round out the build.

DT Swiss 350 hubs. Reliable and a great value for the dollar.
Boyd Altamont rims and DT Swiss 350 hubs.
The Altamont rims are deep, wide, stiff, and have a great machined brake track.