The new RR411 rim from DT Swiss is an exciting option to have available!  DT Swiss makes some of the nicest rims on the market.  They’re very well made, the welded seams are essentialy invisible, they’re very round and straight out of the box, with a nice finish and great machined brake track.

This set of RR441 rims laced to White Industries T11 hubs in a 20/24 spoke count with Sapim CX-Rays and alloy nipples weighs in at 1474g

The RR411 is their new light weight road rim.  The 20mm depth doesn’t make it super aero, and the 18mm inner width isn’t as wide as some rims on the market, but it is wider than the old school rims many roadies are still riding.  With a weight of 435-445g it’s light weight too, and considering the weight and dimensions along with DT Swiss’s reputation for quality rims, the RR411 should make for a very durable rim as well – something that can’t be said by some other rims at similar weights.  Giving more confidence on durability the RR411 has an official weight limit of 242lbs!  I wouldn’t put anyone that heavy on these rims, a stronger and stiffer rim is a better fit for bigger riders, but it’s nice knowing the official limit is pretty high.

PHR washers. Grease syringe is used to grease the nipple/washer interface.

Like many of DT’s newer rim offerings the RR411’s require the use of DT Swiss’s PHR nipple washers.  The job of a nipple washer is to distribute the load from the spoke tension over a larger surface area of the rim than a standard nipple head, this will help prevent cracks from forming at the nipple.  I keep these washers in stock and use them on some other rims occassionally as well, they are the best nipple washers on the market.  They’re contoured to match the shape of the rim to maximize surface area and load distribution, they’re thick enough to actually make a difference (and not just bend), and the outter diameter is just small enough to get them through a spoke hole drilling so you can actually use them – a combination no one else has offered yet.

Both center drilled an the asymmetric rims are tubeless ready.

The RR411 is offered in a few varieties – there is a traditional rim brake rim with a center spoke drilling, along with a rim brake rim with an offset/asymmetric spoke bed for use on the rear wheel.  There is also a disc brake version, which doesn’t have the machined brake track, and is only available in the offset version.  Offset rims are really nice from a structural strength standpoint – the offset helps equalize the spoke tension between each side of the wheel by raising the tension on the low-tension side of the wheel.  The RR411’s have a 3mm offset, which will raise the non-drive side tension of a rear road wheel by approximately 30%.  Higher spoke tension means the wheel can support more weight, and there’s less chance of the wheel going out of true from hard hits.

DT Swiss RR411

All varieties are available in 32, 28, and 24 hole counts, and the center drilled rim brake version is also available in a 20 hole version.  The wide variety of hole counts means it’s easy to tailor a wheelset using the RR411’s to a wide variety of different riders – by varying the spoke count and spoke type we can either shed weight or add strength and stiffness as needed.