Katherine bought a Powertap hub and was looking to have it built into a wheel.  With plans to use this wheel on her tri bike, but not wanting to blow the budget with a carbon rim, we used the alloy Boyd Altamont rim.  At 30mm deep it’ll give some aero benefit over a shallower rim, and it’s wide and tubeless ready for a smooth and confident ride.  It’s also stiff and durable, with a well machined tall brake track.  I used brass washers on all of the spokes for a better fit between the spoke and the hub flange, the hub has larger-than-normal spoke holes which isn’t good for spoke fatigue life, but the washers help fill the gap and give a good solid connection.

Powertap and Boyd Altamont
This is an older Powertap hub, and while a bit heavy, it is pretty!
Spoke washers make for a better fit between the spoke and hub flange when the spoke holes are larger than ideal.