Henry’s got a new Fargo and wanted a versatile set of wheels for it – something he could put Plus size tires on when we wanted as much cushion and traction as possible, but still have the option for standard 29er tires for a faster ride when the Plus tires weren’t necessary.  We used the WTB ASYM i35 rims – they’re wide enough to work well with Plus tires but narrow enough to still work with standard MTB tires.  The offset spoke bed raises the spoke tension on the low-tension side of each wheel.  DT Swiss 350 hubs keep things spinning smoothly and reliably for a reasonable cost, with a Boost spaced rear hub to fit his Fargo.  It’s not a flashy or super light set of wheels, but he can load his bike down with camping gear and head out for a few days of riding without ever having to worry about his wheels.

DT Swiss 350 hubs and WTB ASYM i35 29er rims.
WTB ASYM i35 29er rims.
DT Swiss 350 Boost rear hub.