Part of the fun of building custom wheels is those odd projects where you get to build something that’s fairly unique, something you can’t just walk into a bike shop and buy or order.  I got to build two such wheelsets recently!

Wheelset #1 (on the left) is for Aaron’s new Rivendell Hunqapillar – a rim brake, 650B offroad touring/bikepacking bike, which has 135mm rear spacing like a MTB.  We used the Velocity Cliffhanger rims – they’re a modern wide, tubeless ready, and super burly rim.  Shimano XT M780 hubs keep things spinning smoothly, and they’re laced up with 36 Sapim Race spokes with brass nipples.

Wheelset #2 (on the right) is for Al’s son’s new Transition Ripcord – a 24″ wheel real-deal MTB with good dual suspension and a 1x drivetrain.  The goal for these wheels was to drop a bunch of weight off the bike.  We used Bitex hubs, Stan’s Crest MK3 24″ rims, and a 24/28 spoke count with light weight Sapim Laser spokes and alloy nipples.  The set weighed in just a little over 1320g, with fast engaging hubs and a reasonably wide and tubeless rim!  I believe these are the very first Crest MK3 24″ rims built into a set of wheels!

Velocity Cliffhanger & Shimano / Bitex & Crest MK3 24"
Velocity Cliffhanger & Shimano / Bitex & Crest MK3 24″