Come join SWW for the first Sunday Sunrise Ride!  The Sunday Sunrise Rides (SSR) are beginner/intermediate friendly no-drop road rides with a twist.  The route will vary week to week, and will always try and incorporate a little something interesting – dirt roads, cobbles, etc.  The rides start early, before the sun comes up, and aren’t too long, so afterwards you can still make it to church or home before most of the family is up and about.  And you get to watch the sunrise from the saddle of your bike!  Because we’ll be out so early on a Sunday morning, the roads will be empty, which opens up lots of route options.

Here’s the details.

START: Wheels roll at 6:30am sharp at the SWW shop (address to the right, at the intersection of Riverside and Red Oak Dr).  The shop will open at 6:00 if you want to change clothes there.

ROUTE: This week we’ll do a 29 mile loop out towards Bolingbroke and then back to downtown Macon to cover two short patches of brick/cobblestone roads.  There’s only about a half mile of brick total, traditional road bike will work fine.  See the route here.

PACE: Party pace.  15-17mph. No-drop group ride.  No rest stops.

WHAT YOU NEED: Helmets are required, as is a bright head light and tail light.  The ride starts in the dark!  When was the last time you put fresh batteries in your rear blinky light? If you don’t remember, it’s probably so dim it’s worthless, so put some new ones in.

Don’t forget your basic repair kit of course. Spare tube, pump or CO2, etc.

It's spring time in Macon!
It’s spring time in Macon!