This is a new product I’ve started offering and I’m really excited about them!  Velocite is a Taiwanese company that designs and manufactures a variety of bike components (including frames) with a heavy emphasis on carbon fiber.  The Rev 35 rims are one of their newest products, and has a lot of technology packed into a very high value piece of gear.

The unique cosmetic weave pattern looks great! I purchase the rims without the Velocite decals to keep the aesthetics clean and simple.
The unique cosmetic weave pattern looks great! I purchase the rims without the Velocite decals to keep the aesthetics clean and simple.


One of the distinguishing features of the Rev rims is something you can’t actually see in the completed piece – how it’s manufactured.  Most carbon parts are made by taking pieces of carbon cloth that is impregnated with resin (pre-preg, as it’s known) and laying them into a mold by hand.  The Rev rims are done totally differently – they start with bare carbon filament (thread), and the process is highly automated.  The bare filament is wound over a mandrel (think of it as a negative mold) by machines.  Because it’s highly automated the process is much more closely controlled than is possible with a manual lay up – this improves consistency and accuracy, and reduces errors.  And since the piece is formed from thread instead of pre-woven cloth there is very very little wasted material – all of this adds up to keeping the pricing very competitive.  The rims are made in two pieces – the body is filament wound as described above, and the sidewalls are tire bed are created separately (using a process Velocite is keeping secret), and it’s all cured together to form one solid piece, along with an exterior cosmetic layer added to keep them looking good.  Not only does this new manufacturing process improved quality control and lower prices, but Velocite claims it makes for a stiffer rim too.

This unique and innovative manufacturing process has won the 2015 Taipei Cycle d&i/if Design Award, a 2015 Eurobike Award, and a 2015 Golden Pin Design Award.


Now that you know how the rims are made, lets talk about the final product.  The Rev 35 rims are disc brake only – there is no brake track.  They are 35mm deep, have an exterior width of 27.1mm and an internal width of 18.7mm, and they weigh in at a very light 395g.  They are tubeless ready, and use a modern toroidal aero shape.

The toroidal shape of the rim should make for good aerodynamics without problems in cross winds.
The 35mm tall toroidal shape of the rim should make for low drag without problems in cross winds, but will not be as fast in the wind as a deeper rim.

A very unique feature is how the spoke holes are drilled.  Most quality rims have angled spoke drillings, which allows for a straighter path for the spoke to take from the hub flange to the nipple at the rim.  Velocite takes things a bit further by having front and rear, and drive-side and non-driveside specific drilling angles.  So not only are the spoke holes angled out left/right, but one side has more angle than the other, and the front/rear rim angles are slightly different.  Because the spoke holes allow for such a straight spoke path, they are able to drill the holes a bit smaller than other brands since the nipple doesn’t need as much wiggle room.  Smaller spoke holes should improve the strength of the rim at the spoke nipples.

The front/rear driveside/non-driveside specific angled spoke drillings are a unique feature of the Velocite Rev 35 rims – no one else does this that I know of.


The Rev 35’s are a great fit for anyone looking for a stiff  disc brake road/cross/gravel wheelset where lighter weight takes priority over aerodynamics.  If you’re looking for the lowest drag, a deeper set of rims is a better choice, but the Rev 35’s should offer better aerodynamics than a similar weight alloy rim with the added benefit of better stiffness, and they are lighter than deeper carbon offerings.   Most carbon disc road rims only come in either 24 or 28 spoke counts, but the Rev 35’s are available in a 32 hole count as well, meaning even heavier riders can still use them and still have a very light and stiff set of wheels.

FullSizeRender (90)


I’ve alluded to the Rev 35 rims being a great value several times now, here’s some examples showing just how good of a value they are.  First, a few quick notes on pricing listed below:

  • Prices show are with Sapim Laser spokes and alloy nipples, and include rim tape and tubeless valves
  • Prices do not include shipping and/or tax
  • Prices are current as of this writing but are subject to change

And now, on to the examples.  Spoke counts are shown in parentheses (front/rear), and weights shown are approximate, actual weight will vary a bit:

  • Shimano CX75 hubs, Venn Rev 35 rims (28/28) – $960 – 1565g
  • DT Swiss 350 centerlock hubs, Venn Rev 35 rims (28/28) – $1,032 – 1500g
  • White Industries CLD hubs, Venn Rev 35 rims (24/28) – $1231 – 1460g
  • Industry Nine hubs, Venn Rev 35 rims (24/28) – $1308 – 1405g

Obviously, the exact parts used for your wheels will change the pricing and weights a bit – bladed spokes cost more, brass nipples are heavier, etc.  If you’re interested in having a pair built just for you, send me an e-mail or fill out my questionnaire to get the process started!