I don’t know about you, but I really like using well thought out and functioning stuff.  Especially the little things that don’t necessarily have to be all that nice, but when they are, using them just makes your day a bit better.  Well designed and functioning tools are like that.  My Abbey Bike Tools Crombie and Whip-It are great examples.  I don’t use them all that often, but when I need them, they just work really, really well, and they’re a pleasure to use.


The Velocity QR skewers fall into a similar category.  Most people don’t think too much about their QR skewers, they’re one of those items that so long as it does it’s job (hold the wheel in place) you’re happy.  But the Velocity skewers do their job in a nice way.  They are an internal cam design, similar to Shimano and Campagnolo skewers, which offers lots of clamping force for very little force required to open or close the lever.  Internal cam skewers are also more durable than most external cam skewers, which can wear and lose clamping power over time.


The shape of the lever is nice, big enough to offer plenty of leverage and surface area to work with, but small enough to not look out of place on the bike.  They’re all metal (steel skewer, alloy lever), no plastic like some lower cost skewers, and are well made and finished.  They come in either black or silver, road or MTB sizes, weigh in at 113g for the pair, and cost only $40 for a pair.  They are not the sexiest, lightest, or least expensive skewers available, but they look good, function really well, have good ergonomics, and are reasonably priced.