Rider: Gary R.
Location: Auburn, CA
Hubs: DT Swiss 240S
Rims: Nox Composites Teocalli 650B
Spokes: DT Swiss Revolutions
Nipples: Alloy
Weight: 1,391g

Gary is a fan of DT’s 240S hubs and wanted a set of light and stiff 650B wheels built around a pair.  The 240S hubs are really light and super reliable, they have very few moving parts and are really easy to service.  The DT Swiss 350 hubs use the exact same Star Ratchet freehub internals in a more budget friendly hubshell, but the 240S are lighter.  The Nox Teocalli rims are a popular rim because they are strike such a nice balance of width, weight, and stiffness.  With a final weight under 1400g even with 32 spokes per wheel, this is one light weight set of mid-size wheels!

DT Swiss 240S 15mm Front

DT Swiss 240S Nox Teocalli

DT Swiss 240S Front Hub

DT Swiss 240S Rear Hub