Southern Wheelworks is proud to now offer hubs from Hadley Racing.

Hadley is an odd duck in the modern world – they have been around for quite a while, have a loyal cult like following of fans, and yet, they have no website.  No Facebook, Instagram, etc.  Their hubs essentially sell themselves without any marketing needed.

Hadley is based in Upland, CA, and their hubs are made in the USA.  They feature adjustable bearings, a titanium freehub body, and a fast 72 points of engagement freehub mechanism.

Hadley Racing HubsThere are two front hub shells to choose from, the XC version and the DH version.  The DH version is only a touch heavier (10-20g depending on axle) but uses are larger, more durable, bearings.  In my opinion there’s no reason not to use the DH version all the time.

Hadley Front Hub

The hubs are serviceable with no special proprietary tools, a few cone wrenches and spanners is all that is needed.  Standard drilling options are 32 or 36 hole, but lower hole counts can be custom ordered.

FullSizeRender (16)

The freehub body is titanium, which is lighter than steel, but resists gouging much better than aluminum.  The 3-pawl mechanism has 72 points of engagement, which is a lot, and is relatively quiet.  The hubs are also 11-speed road compatible, making them another option for disc road use.  They come with a spacer for 10spd use.

Hadley Rear Hub

When talking Hadley it’s hard not to compare them to other premium hubs made in the USA, such as White Industries, Chris King, and Industry Nine.  Quickly going through the stats:

  • Weight is nearly identical to Chris King, which is heavier than I9 or White’s CLD hubs, but lighter than White’s Mi6 hubs.
  • Engagement is the same as King (72 points), faster than White (24 points), and a bit slower than Industry Nine (120 points).
  • They are fairly quiet, a touch louder than White, similar to King, and quieter than I9.
  • Price-wise they are the lowest option.  About $120 less than I9 or King, and about $50 less than White.
  • Hadley’s are offered in fewer color choices than the other brands.  Available colors are silver, black, blue, red, and gold.

All in all the Hadley hubs are extremely well made, reasonably light, have fast engagement, and are available at a lower price point than other US-made hubs.