Rider: Jimmy B.
Location: Augusta, GA
Hubs: Chris King
Rims: Stan’s Arch EX
Spokes: DT Swiss Revolutions & Competitions
Nipples: Alloy
Weight: 1,768g

Jimmy is a local rider and he wanted some light weight XC wheels, and already had a King rear hub.  He sent the hub back to King for an overhaul, and then brought it to me to build up, along with a new front hub.  I’m not sure how old the rear hub is, it shows just how well King products are made – built up, it looks brand spanking new.  Stan’s Arch EX rims were built up using DT Swiss Revolution spokes everywhere except the rear driveside, where stiffer Competition spokes were used instead.

Chris King Rear Hub

Chris King and Stan's Arch EX

Stan's Arch EX