Rider: Dustin G.
Location: North Augusta, SC
Bike: Custom Zukas Cycles
Hubs: White Industries CLD
Rims: Stan’s Grail
Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray, 24 front, 28 rear
Nipples: Alloy
Weight: 1,623g

Woo-hoo, new wheels for me!  These will be going on my soon-to-begin-construction Zukas Cycles ‘any-road’ type bike.  The bike will essentially be a disc brake road bike with room for fat knobby-ish tires.  We have a lot of great dirt and gravel roads within riding distance of my house, and this bike will be built to tackle them all.  It will also be the bike I take to Kansas in a few months to ride the Dirty Kanza.  The bike will eventually get a 2nd set of wheels, and one will wear knobbies and the other slicks.  But for now, this set will do it all.  The White Industries hubs are smooooth, especially well made, and are 11spd disc-brake compatible.  The Stan’s Grail rims are a do-it-all rim – made to work with both Road Tubeless and non-tubeless ‘cross tires.

They are currently set up with a set of Clement MSO’s in a 40mm width, and I set them up tubeless.  The tires pumped up with a floor pump, but took a while to seal around the bead (the tires are not designed for tubeless use).  We’ll see how these tires hold up riding close to home first, and if I’m not totally confident in them I’ll try something else before Kanza.

White Industries CLD

Disc Any Road Wheels

Sapim CX-Ray Spokes

White Industries CLD Rear Hub