I’m really excited to announce that Boyd Cycling rims are now available for custom builds through Southern Wheelworks!  Boyd is based out of Greenville, SC and is well known for lots of tech at affordable prices.  Their rims are made overseas to keep prices down but are their own design – these are not simply rebranded open mold “mystery carbon” wheels.  Boyd has a lot of time, money, and energy invested in the R&D of their products.  Boyd is now making their rims available to custom builders – meaning I can tailor a set specifically for you.  Your hub choice and colors, spoke count and type, nipple type and color, etc.

Here’s what is on offer.

Altamont Alloy Rims

The Altamont is an alloy road/cross rim that is deep (30mm), wide (24mm external, 18.3mm internal), and still reasonably light (475g).  It’s available with a brake track or without for disc builds.  This is a great all-road/gravel/cross rim, or just a deepish and stout rim for heavier road riders.  It’s also tubeless ready.  Drillings are available from 20 to 32 hole.

Altamont Rim

Carbon Clincher Rims

There are three depths of carbon clincher rims to choose from: 44mm, 60mm, and 90mm.  All three use an aerodynamic shape that gets wider as it leaves the tire before getting narrower again and finishing with a cross-wind friendly blunt edge at the spokes.  At the top of the brake track the carbon clinchers are 23.4mm wide and they balloon out to 24.4mm maximum width.  All three share a relatively wide inner width of 16.3mm.  They use a high temperature resistant resin, and all come with Boyd’s own Onyx brake pads made specifically for their rims – they keep temperatures down, work well in the wet and dry, and don’t squeal.

And get this – they are tubeless ready!

The 44mm depth rim is the all-around everyday rim.  It’s deep enough to give some aero benefits, but still easy to handle in crosswinds.  At 460g it’s the lightest option.

The mid-depth 60mm clincher weighs in a 520g and is a real go-fast rim.  It’s good for strong fast riders and racers who rarely come out of the big ring.  It’s also a good TT/triathlon option for lighter riders or on hilly or windy courses.

The deepest 90mm clinch rim is of course the heaviest at 660g.  It is also the fastest, offering the least drag.  This is a great TT or triathlon rim where you want to lose every ounce of drag possible.

The 44mm and 60mm rims are available in 20, 24, and 28 hole count, and the 90mm are 16, 20, 24 hole count.

44mm Clincher

Carbon Tubular Rims

Boyd also offers tubular versions of their carbon rims, in the same three depths as the clinchers.  The specs and uses are the same, except the tubular rims are a touch wider at their widest point at 25mm, and they are also lighter.  The 44mm tubular is 420g, the 60mm is 485g, and the 60mm is 590g.

Pricing And Weights

All Boyd rims are competitively priced.  All the wheels I build are custom built with a huge variety of hub, spoke, and nipple combinations to choose from to tailor the wheels specifically to you.  In other words – prices and weights will vary (a lot) based on the actual components used.  But, here’s some ball-park numbers to get you started.

Altamont builds start at just over $400 and tops out around $1,000.  Weights range from around 1,420g to 1,930g

Carbon clincher builds start around $1,550 and go to around $1,900. Weights range from about 1,400g to 1,950g.

Tubulars are a little less expensive than clinchers, and a little lighter as well.

Carbon rims come with the Onyx brake pads, and custom color decals will be available in a few weeks.

Interested?  Fill out the form or shoot me an e-mail and we’ll get started!

All images courtesy of Boyd Cycling