Rider: Steve T.
Location: Augusta, GA
Bike: Specialized Roubaix
Hubs: White Industries, T11
Rims: DT Swiss RR440
Spokes: DT Swiss, Competition 2-cross front, 3-cross rear
Nipples: DT Swiss, brass on rear DS, alloy elsewhere
Weight: 1,668g

Steve is a big strong guy who rides a lot.  He’s got his aim set on the Assault on Mt. Mitchell in 2015 and wants a nice set of wheel to help him to the top of the mountain, without breaking spokes like some wheels he has had in the past.  The goal was to keep weight in check, but not lose any reliability or give up too much stiffness – noodley wheels are no fun after all.  The White Industries T11 hubs are the best bang for the buck premium road hub available, featuring a titanium freehub body, great flange spacing, excellent bearings, and they’re made in the USA.  For the rims we used the DT Swiss RR440’s, a 28 hole standard rim on the front paired with the asymetric 32 hole version on the rear for improved NDS spoke tension.  The rear drive-side nipples are brass for durability, and all others are alloy to cut some weight.  All of the DT Swiss decals were stripped from the rims and some subtle Built By Southern Wheelworks decals were added in blue.

White Industries T11 Hub

White Industries T11 and DT Swiss RR440

DT Swiss RR440 Asymmetric

White Industries T11 Front Hub