Rider: Cathy B.
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Bike: Trek Emonda & Giant Aeryn
Hubs: American Classic
Rims: Pacenti SL23, 20H front, 28H rear
Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray, radial front, 2-cross rear
Nipples: Alloy
Weight: 1,400g

Cathy is a triathlete and she was looking for a better wheelset than her current SRAM S40 & S80 combo, and she plans to use them on her new Trek Emonda and her TT bike as well.  Her current wheels are overkill for such a little lady, they are quite deep and very heavy at about 1,940g.  While aero is important, at her size and speed the extra heft of her wheels are hurting her more than the aero benefits are helping.  I recommended something significantly lighter, and here’s the result.  The American Classic hubs are super light and yet very reliable, and they spin more freely than just about anything else.  The rear hub uses an alloy freehub body to keep weight down, but has a few steel inserts to prevent cassette gouging.  The Pacenti SL23 rims are wide, deep-ish for an alloy rim, very stiff, and tubeless ready.  The thin and light weight bladed Sapim CX-Ray spokes were used all around.  Since she is such a light weight we used only 20 spokes on the front wheel – it will be stiff enough, and fewer spokes is better for aerodynamics.  On the rear we used 28 spokes for lots of reliability.  Alloy nipples all around help keep the weight down.  Speaking of weight, at 1,400g on the nose this set of wheels are 540g lighter than her SRAM wheels!

American Classic Micro58 front hub

American Classic hubs, Pacenti SL23 rims

American Classic rear hub with steel inserts

American Classic rear hub graphics and cutouts

American Classic QR skewer