Rider: Jeff J.
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Hubs: Industry Nine, Torch Classic
Rims: Nox Composites, Teocalli 29er, 28H
Spokes: DT Swiss, Revolution, 2-cross
Nipples: DT Swiss, brass
Weight: 1,515g

I built Jeff a set of burly carbon AM 650B wheels earlier this year that he’s enjoyed, so when he purchased a new 29er he knew right where to go for better wheels.  Jeff will use his 29er as more of a XC bike so we went with a light weight built.  Jeff’s first set of wheels used I9 hubs, which have a bad habit of spoiling you with their super fast engagement, so for this set we used I9 again, and paired them with the new Nox Teocalli rims.  We went with a 28 spoke build front and rear, and brass nipples for corrosion resistance since Jeff isn’t too far from the ocean.  With a stiff, wide, and light rim paired with the instant engagement I9 hubs this is one awesome set of wheels!